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The friendly ghost train

The graffiti piece that currently welcomes explorers to Farleigh Down Tunnel.

A walk up Farleigh Down Tunnel. I’ll admit to being pretty bored by the time we reached the end of a mile and a quarter of gentle 1:8 incline, but it’s an essential part of the unofficial Wiltshire wartime heritage trail, and I hadn’t seen that many decent photos from the place. The tunnel was built to transfer munitions from railway sidings in an old quarry to the underground Central Ammunition Depot at Monkton Farleigh, a mile distant. The construction is part cut and cover, part deep bore and replaced an aerial rope way that acted as a temporary solution to the problem of the height differential between the railway in the valley bottom and the CAD. The aerial ropeway was retained during the war as a backup in case the conveyor belt broke down. The tunnel was completed in 1941 and became operational in 1942.

Most of the surface features have been demolished and there are rumours that the entrance will be sealed shortly. The place has been absolutely bombed by the local kids, though not many have made it to the end. Sub Brit knows more.