© 2011 Dave Clayton and used with kind permission (edge city edit)

Cheddar Sp_ace walk

‘Scotch Derrick’ leers somewhat drunkenly, over a disused Cheddar quarry, having retired some years ago from his role as a pylon builder / tester. Local explorer Rigsby had walked along his wobbly extent a couple of years ago, but despite the appeal of  cheap spacewalking thrills, few others had gone to have a look.

Collingwood was especially psyched for this one, heading straight out  (instant commitment, as the first 12m or so of the walkway are missing) I followed him up, surprised at how steep the angle felt.

Right out on the end of the crane feels pretty out there, with 300 feet of space beneath your feet – quite literally, as the crows nest is also missing a  critical floor panel.  It’s not one to do at night unless your on a BASE mission. I was happy to reach the end, mumble a “very nice,” and return to terra firma once again. Collingwood hung out a little longer, so I was able to get a couple more pictures of him out on the crane. The return journey is more intimidating than the outward one, since the missing walkway has to be negotiated again.

Thanks to Dave Clayton for the titular image.