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Preposterous Underworld

Sub Depot 3 Monkton Farleigh was the largest of the WW2 Central Ammunition Depots of Wiltshire. Districts 19 and 20 remain unconverted to modern storage, and plenty of artefacts have survived the years of vandalism and metal theft. Titular source

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Kit Hill Killer

The Excelsior Tunnel began life as a drainage and prospect adit to serve Kit Hill Mine. Later, the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment used the tunnel as part of Operation Orpheus, a project to investigate the possibility of camouflaging the seismic signature from nuclear test … Continue reading

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Reds under the [sea]beds

The Soviet Sub, visited one cold winter’s night, and the first outing for “Jeremy” the most trustworthy of my inflatable boat collection. Clambering over an ice-encrusted hull in the dark while being assaulted by pigeons was one of the year’s most memorable explores. We … Continue reading