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Comrade Spungle jugging out of a Welsh mine, look you…

The case of the missing Duke

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After many years of patient waiting, the great steel door was finally opened and the construction of the monument revealed. It turned out that a bit of jiggery-ropery could have sorted access a decade ago.


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We were coming to the end of our Spanish road trip, and it was clear that at some point, a bull would have to be climbed. The Basque Country was fast approaching, meaning the supply of accessible bulls would soon … Continue reading

Anger Management

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Finding this place took a long time, entry required an ingenious combination of talents, and the reward was one of the most interesting and varied tunnels I’ve ever seen with countless straw stalactites and a treacle coloured floor.

The Glitter Mine

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All that glisters is not gold; Often have you heard that told: Many a man his life hath sold But my outside to behold: Gilded tombs do worms enfold. The Merchant of Venice (Act II – Scene VII) Shakespeare

have you seen my otter?

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Half a mile into the Frome culvert we passed a mud beach on which a gigantic otter lay. The creature led us all the way down to the Stonegate screen.

Adventures in Middle Earth

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The long-awaited chance to tackle the CRTT finally arrived.  In the company of Spungletumpet, Rigsby, Bigjobs and AndyJ, we rappelled, climbed, swung, tiptoed and hauled our way through the heart of the Moelwyn mountains from Croesor to Rhosydd. Mark Tanner took … Continue reading

Lana del Rey

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The compelling path that clings top the side of the El Chorro Gorge is about to be “restored” so get on it while you can.